Difficult to find pet-friendly rental apartments in the UK?

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Unfortunately yes, the rule of thumb is that by having a pet, owners minimise their options of finding a pet-friendly rental in the UK. This is at least by 50% even if you have a small pet, like a cat or dog, or in some cases, even a parrot. Although if you have a medium to big size pet, your odds will be even lower. 

Still, don’t get discouraged. There are still few pet-friendly properties out there. In order to avoid this, make your pet more welcome by looking for properties that have some garden space.

A pet will feel safer if he has an open area to run around in or even just sit next to you while you are having a morning coffee outside.

@andersontuftex Find a pet-friendly rental in the UK. Fill your home with happiness!

First of all, you need to be selective with your pet choice when looking for flats. The majority of landlords would not want tenants with large dogs or cats if they have small children, even if the pet is well-behaved.

In fact, when looking for pet-friendly flats don’t take your pet with you to viewings and open houses as most landlords have their pet policy on file and not be open to discuss it with a pet in the room.

Please check online as well as through call to reconfirm if the apartment is pet-friendly.

You can also try to find pet-friendly flats by looking for pet sitting services such as in PetBacker or on classified ads. These pet sitting companies are usually a good source of information and can help you with your pet since many pet sitting services advertise pet-friendly flats directly.

Even though your pet might not make a big difference in the rental price, pet-friendly flats tend to take better care of their properties and become more accountable.

This is why some landlords charge pet fees, pet deposits and add pet conditions to the rental agreement. If you are looking for pet-friendly flats, you can book a free consultation call with us at Avasa.

In case you run into a pet unfriendly landlord/agent who says no pets are allowed, don’t give up yet!

Here are a few things that you should do, in order to increase your chances of finding a pet-friendly property. 

@livewithloveandcoffee with snuggle buddy on a rainy day!

1) Look for pet-friendly areas in the UK

In an area with predominant period conversion properties, it is more likely to be able to find a landlord who accepts your pet. 

These areas also tend to be family-oriented areas such as Muswell Hill, Crouch End, East Finchley, Hampstead, Golders Green, Wimbledon, Putney, Richmond, Chiswick, Barnet, Enfield, Harrow, etc. 

In areas like St John’s Wood, Maida Vale, Marylebone, and Canary Wharf, new builds and mansion blocks are the most popular, but the chances of finding a pet-friendly property in those areas are lower because of the pet restriction clauses in the freehold agreements. 

2) Register your interest by sending bulk emails to the property portals.

By sending a general email from Zoopla or Rightmove to all the agents in the preferred area you can actually save tons of time as only the agents who have a pet-friendly property will call you back. All the rest will ignore the message. 

Also, you can try to get in touch with pet-friendly landlords directly and approach them through word of mouth. This will give you better chances as these pet-friendly landlords often share the same pet policies such as no pet fees or pet deposits.


Look for pet-friendly agents who offer rental management services to their clients who have pet-friendly properties.

3) Create a pet profile

Taking a small pet in the property will be easier to digest for the landlord, rather than taking 2 Rottweilers for example. So make sure you play your card to the best of your abilities and describe the positives of your pets. For instance, if the cat was declawed, or if it’s a small dog, present the pet pedigree.

If the dog/dogs are old, it may not be a nice thing for you but landlords may buy into that. Old pets tend to be lazier and will hang around throughout the day, compared with a young puppy for example who will jump around all day long). This can make lets with pets more available.

@fendimalepom can give self-care tips to all pets looking for a home with their family.

4) Look on private portals

Look on private portals such as Open Rent or Upad, because talking to a private landlord will give you a better chance. Getting a yes is probable as he/she is the one who is losing the rent. If the property doesn’t get rented on time, and obviously he/she is the direct decision-maker. 


Beware! The agents can be lazy, especially in the summer months when it is busy. They know for sure they will get the “ideal tenant“ through the door as long as they answer the phone. They may not even call the landlord to check if they will consider a pet. 

5) Be proactive!

Don’t wait for the agents to call you back and let you know, call them till you hear a yes or no. Otherwise, you will find yourself on the waiting list for ages! 

Don’t be afraid to ask pet-friendly agents to negotiate with the pet policy of pet unfriendly landlords/agencies, speak up!

@redman_the_rattie has pet-friendly renovation ideas and we are all ears!

If you found a pet-friendly property that is being rented by 2 other tenants and they only take 1 pet each, you may suggest them to allow you an extra pet. You can pay a pet premium to compensate the landlord or agency for their loss of rent.

6) Don’t let your pet miss you at home!

Don’t leave your pet in your home country. When you relocate to the UK, you can find properties that allow pets. It’s some hard work but not impossible. The pet will be much happier with you.

When you do, it costs more. About 10% more per month to rent a pet-friendly property in the UK than an apartment that doesn’t allow pets.

Houses are pet-friendly rental properties in the UK more often than apartments. Bring proof of vaccinations, a pet resume, leash, food dish, pet bed, and records of obedience.

Do you think @piku_yuki is also looking for a rental home for her?

If you love your pet, make sure you consider pet-friendly rentals as part of your housing search.

Several of our clients who initially thought of leaving their pets in their home country have successfully found a good fit. Be it a cat, dog, or any other pet, we at Avasa conduct an extensive search for potential tenants.

Looking for a pet-friendly rental apartment in the UK?

If reading about this prepares you for the rental search for your lovely pet family, do book a free call. We can discuss how you can get your own dedicated concierge to do the home search for you!

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