The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Apartments in London

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Furnished Luxury Apartments in Central London For Rent Long Term

Luxury apartments in London can provide comfort and convenience. Whether you’re moving to the city for work or just want a change of scenery. Many people who choose apartment living enjoy having access to all amenities right outside their door. These include restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores. Some also like that they don’t need to do any yard work. This is great if you don’t have time to mow the lawn on weekends.

Finding luxury apartments for rent in London can be a daunting task, but we have you covered luckily. We, at Avasa AI, will help you find what you need. If you’re looking for furnished apartments with all the amenities that are luxurious and will suit your taste, then worry no more. Our company has experts who know the city inside and out. This being said, rest assured that your next rental will be perfect!

Furnished Luxury Apartments For Rent London

Luxury apartments for rent in London will give you a taste of how life is living high above the clouds. They offer breathtaking views and all the amenities that make living more comfortable. These luxury rentals are definitely worth checking out! Keep on reading if you’re looking to rent an apartment for a few months or for an indefinite period. Find out more about what London has in store.

@ berkeley_group A sophisticated view of the South Quay Plaza

A high-rise luxury apartment gives you privacy and space from where to explore the city at your own pace. You can either choose a one-bedroom, two bedrooms or even a penthouse. Some of these luxury apartments have access to private terraces. They also have roof gardens for you to unwind in the sun after a long day at work.

Most high-end London rentals will also boast amenities. These may include fully fitted kitchens, living rooms with TV sets, and some even come with a private cinema. High-speed internet, satellite TV, and other latest technology are very much accessible in these apartments.

What is a Luxurious Apartment?

@ crownlawnapartments How luxury apartment bedrooms look like.

All over the world, you’ll find luxury living. But what is luxury? What does it take to live a life of luxury? And how do you know if your apartment qualifies as such high-end digs? Start with these tips:

1) Location.

A luxurious apartment has an address that reflects its status. It’s likely on a prestigious street or near some landmark, like Buckingham Palace or Trafalgar Square.

2) Size.

Luxurious apartments are large and spacious. They have marble bathrooms and home theaters, not to mention plenty of houses with two or three bedrooms.

3) Amenities.

Top-quality appliances, fixtures, furnishings… all contribute to making an apartment luxurious and furnished apartments in london.

4) Security.

Luxury living means luxury security. Cameras, keypads, and guards all come along with the territory when you live in a luxurious apartment building.

The Most Expensive Neighbourhoods in London

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. It’s also home to some of the most exclusive neighbourhoods that you’ll ever see.


The Knightsbridge neighbourhood is one of the most expensive and prestigious in London. It is home to some of the world’s wealthiest people. It earned a reputation as an international destination for luxury shopping. The area has many high-end shops including Harrods, Harvey Nichols, and more.

@ connor__smyth Harrods by night.

Many of the luxury apartments for rent in London are located inside historic homes or purpose-built mansions. They come with all amenities including staff, private cinema rooms, and even libraries. Basically, you can have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Knightsbridge is located on the south side of Hyde Park and contains Sloane Street (famous for its designer boutiques). It is close to Beauchamp Place (previously known as the Grove Place until 1885), Brompton Road (a trendy street with antique stores), and Pont Street.

@ nextproperty Breathtaking architecture in Sloane Street.

Knightsbridge is also popular because of Knightsbridge’s high-end shopping district and Harrods Department Store. Knightsbridge is also popular because of Knightsbridge’s high-end shopping district and Harrods Department Store. Harrods is the world’s largest department store by total floor space and full of luxury brands such as Gucci, Rolex, Cartier, Louis Vuitton and Prada. Knightsbridge is also home to the Harvey Nichols Department Store which sells an extensive collection of fashion for men and women as well as beauty products and accessories.

Knightsbridge also hosts two embassies: those of Indonesia at 22 Brompton Square; and Panama at 8 Basil Street. The Berkeley Tower, an Art Deco building located on Wilton Road in Knightsbridge, was once the home of famous novelist Agatha Christie and is now a five-star boutique hotel.

The typical value of a home in this neighbourhood is £15.6 million.

One Hyde Park

The most exquisite and costly flats on the market are those in One Hyde Park.

@ firstluxegroup The exquisite buildings to check out at One Hyde Park.

The sales prices at One Hyde Park have averaged £12,000 per sq ft (over $15,400 per square meter). It is one of the world’s most expensive real estate locations, according to reports.

One Hyde Park was designed by the architectural firm Foster + Partners which is also responsible for designing Apple’s new campus in California (the Spaceship).

The apartments at One Hyde Park are available to rent and one-bedroom flats start around £18,000 per month while two bedrooms cost around £25,000 per month.

A 24-hour concierge service and a private onsite restaurant, with breakfast included, are included in the monthly rent. The facilities include a fitness center, swimming pool/spa, sauna, and steam room.

One Hyde Park is home to some of London’s most expensive commercial spaces, which are leased to brands such as McLaren and Rolex.


Mayfair is one of the most coveted and exclusive neighbourhoods in all of England. People who want a more luxurious lifestyle desire to stay in this area. It is considered the home of some of the most luxurious apartments for rent in all of London. This area is a thriving business district.

@ Audley Square is surrounded by Grade II listed buildings, including the Embassy of Qatar.

This neigbourhood is built to accommodate the specific demands of those who seek nothing less than the finest in luxury living and security. Mayfair has it all. It has its own onsite concierge services, 24-hour maintenance support, and local amenities ranging from fine dining to world-class shopping.

Mayfair is one of London’s most luxurious districts, and it doesn’t get any more premium than this. The area is well-known for its sky-high property prices, being the most costly square on the London Monopoly board. But there’s another facet to this high-end residential neighbourhood that deserves notice – namely, its fine dining restaurants.

No place in the city enjoys more gleaming Michelin stars than this neigbourhood when it comes to hunting for the best Michelin Star dining experiences. The swanky West End, which is home to luxury hotels and elegant Georgian houses, is a popular destination among food critics and gourmets. It has 16 Michelin Star restaurants in total- the most of any postcode in London – and this is a guide to where all Mayfair’s Michelin Stars can be found.

@ thefork_uk The chef table of the Hélène Darroze at The Connaught is chic.

If you’re searching for an exquisite London apartment to rent in prime location minutes from famous attractions such as the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and Hyde Park, you’ve come to the correct place. You’ve found your home with luxury rentals serving the best of high-end living in downtown London.

In this area, the average property price is £1.9 million, or $2.65 million.


@ little_friend_inthecity The picturesque Westminster Bridge and the Big Ben.

Westminster is an area in central London. It includes the Palace of Westminster, home to the British Parliament and a major tourist attraction; Downing Street, which houses the official residence and offices of the Prime Minister; Whitehall, from where most of Britain’s government ministries are administered; and Horse Guards Parade, with many buildings for executive departments.

The term “Westminster” may also refer to an electoral district that covers part of this area. It is a prime location for high-grade office and residential development.

The State Rooms of the Palace of Westminster are one of the main tourist attractions in London, while Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre (the largest conference centre in Europe) and Methodist Central Hall were significant events venues near to Parliament Square area.

It is an upscale neighbourhood where luxury homes and apartment buildings are near the park. It is a good area for those who like to be close to shops, public transit, and businesses such as consulting companies.

The luxury homes of Westminster surround beautiful parks that offer plenty of green space in which people can relax outside. It’s a nice area for families who want to take their children out in the weekend.

The West End is the main entertainment centre of London, dominated by high-end theatres and small concert venues with rooms above pubs that offer a variety of local bands and DJs. Several clubs in Soho focus on playing electronic music such as house, drum and bass or dubstep whilst there are also several superclubs where the likes of Calvin Harris, Avicii, and Tiesto played.

Fashion designers like Burberry, Tom Ford are located in the area while pop stars such as Rihanna stayed at a hotel nearby on Old Park Lane. It’s a great place for people who love to party all night long with good music!

The average price of a property in the City of Westminster is £1.06 million, or approximately $1.48 million.


Belgravia is a district in Central London, formerly known as Belgrave Square. It has been one of the most expensive residential districts in London and these days it’s home to embassies and ambassadors from all over the world. In fact, it was originally designed for diplomats by John Nash who also designed Buckingham Palace.

Back then it had open fields on either side which have now been developed into other areas but there are still plenty of beautiful houses dotted around this affluent area.

@ marigoldtwentyphotography The colourful streets of Belgravia.

This is an expensive area to live and the most popular areas are typically Eaton Square, Grosvenor Crescent, Wilton Crescent, and Elizabeth Street so you’ll need a fair amount of cash if you want to live here but when it comes to luxury living this is one of the best places to do it.

A lot of people will be familiar with Belgravia purely because of the fact that it’s home to one of the most luxurious shopping experiences in London, Harrods which is located on Brompton Road.

It attracts tourists from all over and this area is certainly not lacking when it comes to the finer things in life. There are a number of embassies and consulates here as well as a lot of beautiful homes which have been restored back their former glory recently.

These days you can pick up a house here for about £5 million pounds or rent an apartment for upwards of £3,000 pounds per month so if you’re looking for a luxury living then Belgravia should be your first stop!


Chelsea is a district in Central London, situated on the south bank of the River Thames. It’s been an upmarket residential area since the 18th century and features some of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in all of England.

The majority of Chelsea consists primarily of Victorian-style houses, but there are also plenty of imposing modern buildings throughout its borders as well.

@ dan.shep.herd An amazing version of the Statue of Liberty in Chelsea.

Chelsea is recognized as a haven for artists like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Kylie Minogue. It also has a reputation for being the celebrity haunt of British royals, including Prince William and Prince Harry.

The cultural diversity in Chelsea offers plenty to do for visitors hoping to experience some serious culture while still having fun at night on King’s Road or Sloane Square.

Chelsea is home to many great attractions like the Saatchi Gallery, where you can experience the best in contemporary art. It’s also home to some great museums including the Fashion Museum and Cadogan Hall for concerts. Chelsea is a wonderful place to live with its beautiful homes and incredibly convenient location along the Thames River.

@ art.danielakammerer Exhibition on Saatchi Gallery.

In recent years it has become one more popular tourist destination thanks to a number of art galleries and museums which have been built here. There are also numerous restaurants, shops, and pubs catering to every taste imaginable which can be found within this district as well.

Just about anywhere you look, you can find Luxury apartments for rent all throughout this area of Central London.

Chelsea is one place where you’ll never run out of new places to explore or things to do. The typical price of a home in this area is £1.33 million, which is around £1.88 million ($2.6 million).

Are Luxury Apartments for Long-term Rentals?

Renting luxury apartments can be long-term or short-term. Those who want to live in luxury apartments might need a longer term than others. It is best to ask what kind of rental period you can look forward to when renting it out for your stay.

There are now sites that offer options with flexible lease periods that allow people like students and travelers alike to enjoy long-term stays as well. This is definitely what you should look for when looking at different luxury apartment rentals in London.

If you are just traveling to the city, you can still find places for your stay with flexible leases. The luxury apartment is right up your alley if this is what you need and it will make your trip even more memorable than anything else.

It’s not always easy to accommodate different needs when looking at these Luxury apartments in London, but there is a way. It just involves finding the right place and getting the right help.


The word penthouse is a derivative of the Italian word “penthous” meaning an upper floor or attic. The term was first used to describe apartments on the top floor of buildings in London, England.

It refers exclusively to a luxury apartment on one level with amenities such as its own entrance and kitchen facilities. A penthouse typically contains three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is situated toward the top of a building and can come with panoramic views.

@ lvhglobalofficial Why live in a penthouse you say?

Penthouses in London are located on high floors. They offer extensive views over the city providing them with an exclusive feel that you won’t get elsewhere.

Luxury apartments are available all throughout this area of Central London. They can be found just about anywhere you choose to look!

If you are just traveling to the city, you can still find places for your stay with flexible leases. The luxury apartment is right up your alley if this is what you need. It will make your trip even more memorable than anything else. It’s not always easy to accommodate different needs when looking at these options but there is a way. It just involves finding the right place and that will be what you need to look for when looking at these kinds of apartments.

Why are penthouses so expensive?

Unlike other types of housing, a penthouse is something that stands out and has the ability to capture the imagination. It’s no surprise then that abundant luxury and cutting-edge design are prevalent from floor to ceiling.

A penthouse can either be a luxurious apartment or a separate top floor of another building. In general, it’s more common to find them as luxury apartments in London because real estate prices are higher there than anywhere else.

In this “higher” location, the room count starts at 1-2 bedrooms and goes up from there. There might also be a whole level dedicated as a communal living space with larger living rooms. These allow guests to feel right at home. For quick access, adding service elevators may be added.

On top of all these deluxe features, basement parking or garage parking is frequently included as well as personal laundry/valet service, storage services both in the building and in the neighborhood, concierge services, pool/spa facilities, 24-hour doorman service. Other amenities include a private garden, a gym and/or fitness center.

The most expensive penthouses in London are located in prime, central London locations. These penthouses can cost up to £30 million (over $40 million).

The Most Expensive Penthouses in London

The most expensive penthouses in London are found in the most luxurious and prestigious residential buildings.

This trend is likely to continue throughout 2022 with luxury housing construction remaining strong across London’s prime boroughs.

The apartment that has broken this year’s record for the priciest rental deal ever done in Britain is located at Kensington Palace Gardens (KPG).

The city also has other tourist attractions, such as the Billionaires’ Row area, which is known as KPG and home to the world’s most expensive flat, which sold for £280 million in 2014.

@ mychocolateshenanigans A good morning view at the Kensington Palace Gardens (KPG).

The capital of England has seen a boom in luxury housing construction during the last decade. It will continue to do so over 2017 with many large-scale developments planned or underway.

A luxury flat in London costs on average £20,000 per month. The homes in this neighborhood are mostly leased out to wealthy foreign expatriates.

These individuals usually work for international companies such as investment banks or law firms. Due to their high salaries, they are able to afford prime living accommodation in central locations such as Kensington.

In conclusion

London is a great place for those who have the money to rent luxury apartments london rent long term. You can live in prime locations with high room counts and amenities that will make anyone feel like royalty. England’s capital has seen much growth over the last decade when it comes to developments. With many luxurious projects underway, this trend is likely to continue positively.

Looking to rent a furnished apartments London? We can help you find the perfect place. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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